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Hi again, all! Bringing you a another update today. We’ve been hard at work bringing the mansion to life, and we’ve got our first pass of the initial layout completed. The mansion has really come together with most of our rooms architecturally completed -- sixteen rooms in all! We’re working on filling them out with assets right now.


We are beyond pleased to announce that The Sun at Night will be released on Steam *this* Friday, August 1, 2014.

The release will include achievements, trading cards, badges, and all the other fun community aspects of launching a game on Steam. To celebrate this long awaited launch, we'll be offering a 15% discount off of the regular $14.99 price tag for the first week!

You can check it all out over on our...


The Sky Below development is well under way. We have completed the level design and scripting for 2 of the 3 large levels in the game. Art is coming in at a steady and impressive pace. Below are the sprite sheets for one of the new Soviet Soldiers you'll find at the Arctic Base.


Players of The Sun at Night will no doubt recall the cliffhanger that game ended on -- the thread is picked up in The Sky Below, as Laika makes her way through a mysterious base high in the frozen wastes of the Arctic Circle.

To the extent its existence is acknowledged at all, the base is purported by the Soviet state to be a mere geological research station, with a central mine pit sunk deep into the earth, cataloguing soil samples...


The Lead Artist for Murder at Mystery Manor, Jeff Flanagan, has previously discussed his inspiration and techniques for the art style of the upcoming online multiplayer whodunnit.

Jeff has shifted from working on The Sky Below animations to full time Murder at Mystery Manor...



Not only am I the full-time producer, but also the sound designer for The Sky Below and Murder at Mystery Manor. I've always had a passion for sound design and have been writing music and creating sounds by myself and with my band Fossors; it is my creative outlet. Nothing makes me happier than designing synths and manipulating wav files until they are unrecognizable.

As producer, I'm in charge of managing the project as...


Hey there! Have you heard of The Sun at Night? It’s a really good 2D action platformer (no really, it’s good -- check these reviews, y’all) out now for PC on...


Hi again, everyone! Today, I’m going to share with you a little more information about Murder at Mystery Manor along with some more gameplay details, the progress we’ve made since last update, and some interesting other tidbits. For some basic game details, see my last blog post.

First and foremost, I promised some additional gameplay details...