What Is...Captain Wheelie & The Weenie Warriors?

I have a confession to make: up until about six months ago, I didn't really have any technical skills as a game developer. I was a design person and a business person. What the industry calls "an ideas person," which is really a four-letter word (or phrase) when it comes right down to it, I suppose.

Knowing that my skillset wasn't getting any deeper and having the profound need to get back to doing creative work instead of business development stuff, I began teaching myself the tools of the trade in order to be able to make my first solo (or close to solo) project. While I've taught myself enough crude 2D art to make something passable, I am still working with artists since that seems to be the much better route.

Any art you've seen for Captain Wheelie so far is a product of Reid Carlisle, who'll be doing the lion's share of art for the project.

Captain Wheelie & The Weenie Warriors is a hybrid result of a teaching experiment and a conversation my girlfriend and I had about a game about a person in a wheelchair in a world that's even more cartoonishly inaccessible. I've wanted to be more active in accessibility circles for the past few years. My involvement (though limited) with AbleGamers Charity and communicating more and more with people about accessibility was a big influence on the overall premise of the game.

But all of that makes it sound like a profound communication tool about why accessibility is important. Well, it kind of is, but it's also an excuse for me to make a totally bonkers, hilarious game. I think some of the stuff I've done up to this point leans a little serious more than light, and I'd like Captain Wheelie to reverse the ratio.

I'll uncover more about what the game is in the coming weeks and months, but for now, here's a gif of our hero, James.