Another Game Announcement?! YES!

Yesterday we talked about the new game in The Stray series, The Sky Below. We’ve spent years working on this 2D platformer/action series. It’s very close to our hearts. We’re a genre-agnostic studio, though. Our passion for very crafted, narrative-rich experiences has evolved more into a world-building passion. Wanting to break from the status quo at Minicore, we’re working on a new game that expands our portfolio in a really interesting and fun way. It’s our first foray into a specifically multiplayer experience.

We’re already hard at work on Murder at Mystery Manor!

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An online multiplayer whodunnit with dynamic gameplay

Murder at Mystery Manor (or M@MM) is a multiplayer party/mystery/investigation game featuring a mansion, a cocktail party, and nefarious acts. M@MM was the winner of our big Pitch Day 2014 and is the brainchild of Chris Durel.

Each player in the game is assigned a role and one is randomly assigned to be the murderer at the party. The murderer then has to eliminate a given target without being seen by any other party-goers. It’s then the duty of the party-goers to identify the killer unanimously. Communication, evidence gathering, and keen senses will make you a good investigator -- carelessness may make you a bad investigator.

That’s the very basic gist as we work through our early prototype. It’s simple, right? Well, there are lots of dynamic aspects to the mansion itself and the things you can do both as the murderer and as investigators.

This is the kind of game perfect for an Early Access/open alpha-type situation. The art style is colorful and bright and low-poly 3D. Which perspective works best is still being debated in the office. The communication system is going to be very fun, but we’ll give more details on that in the coming weeks.

M@MM is being built in Unity, but the only platform we’re announcing today is PC. No official timeline can be announce yet, either, but we’re hoping to have something playable up and running for alpha users sometime this summer.

All the Best,

John & The Minicore Team